How do I setup Eudora?

How do I set up Eudora to use my POP accounts?

(1) Select Tools...Personalities.
(2) Right click the left-hand side of the screen. Select 'New'.
(3) The 'New Account Wizard' will appear. Type in a name for this account and select 'Next>'.
(4) Select 'Create a brand new email account' and select 'Next>'.
(5) Type in your actual name (not your email address) and select 'Next>'.
(6) Type in the email address you wish for people to send email to (this can be an alias or a true POP box). Select 'Next>'.
(7) Type in the true user for this POP box (this is NOT an alias). Select 'Next>'.
(8) Select 'POP' for type of incoming mail server. Then type in your in 'Incoming Mail Server' field. Select 'Next>'.
(9) Select 'Finish'.
(10) Right-click on the new personality created, and select 'Modify'.
(11) In the 'SMTP Server' field, type the name of your local ISP's (such as AOL, Earthlink, AT&T) mail server, or your own . Select 'OK', and you are ready to go!

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