I've put together three different types of deals for you. These seem to fit the various businesses I've come across since starting up 2001. After your initial FREE consultation and web analysis, together we will fine-tune things a bit to fit your goals better, if that's the case.

Comparing Website Packages
  Order Order Order
TLC Yes Yes Yes
Design & Layout Yes Yes Yes
Free Hours 1 hr per 4-Months 1 hr per 2-Months 1 hr per Month
IP Address Shared Shared Dedicated IP
Pages 20 100 Unlimited
Emails 20 50 Unlimited
HD Space 0.5 GB 2 GB 12 GB
Bandwidth 5 GB 15 GB 100 GB
Online Editor No Yes Yes
Extra $400 Extra $400 Yes
Extra $200 for Basic Basic Yes Complete
WSO No No Yes
SSL No No Yes
Cart No Extra $900 Yes
Cart No No Yes
Setup Fee $1,000 $1,300 $1,700
Monthly Rate $54/Mo or $600/Yr• $85/Mo or $960/Yr• $140/Mo or $1560/Yr•
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